The Issues

HEALTHCARE: MnSure/Obamacare Out of Control!

healthcareAt a cost of $300 million, MnSure (Minnesota’s version of Obamacare) is the product of political ideology rather than economics. The implementation caused more than 100,000 Minnesotans to lose their health insurance due to dropped plans, capped enrollments, and will cause some premiums to skyrocket as much as 67% starting next year!


Our warnings of unknown costs and consequences were shot down! Speaking of Obamacare and his very own MnSure plan, Governor Dayton (D) finally admitted “the Affordable Care Act is no longer affordable…!”


Enough is enough, our people are getting hurt by a program that is supposed to heal!

We must restore a stable and robust health insurance market that provides more choices to consumers and permanently bends the cost curve down.


To begin, we need tax deductions for health insurance premiums. Lessen expansive government-mandated services. Allow those with individual plans to join larger insurance pools to absorb risk, and re-establish a revised Minnesota high-risk pool to lower premiums overall!



JOBS… JOBS… JOBS? A New Path Needed Soon!

jobsWith business competitors overseas, as well as in other states that produce goods with far less government imposed costs, we must get competitive fast. Minnesota ranks as the 47th worst business tax climate. We need to tighten our belt and create reasonable business tax and regulation policies to attract quality job and income providers to our state.


TAX & SPEND: We Must Get a Grip!

tax-cutMinnesota is still rated as one of the highest taxed states in the nation. By reforming government, cutting waste, duplication, and worn-out government projects, we can reduce spending and taxation. I will continue the fight to repeal income tax on Social Security benefits. Government spending should not fiscally threaten our families, our jobs, and those on fixed incomes.


EDUCATION: Our Largest State Investment!

EducationMinnesota’s good education reputation is one reason why employers continue to stay here. It is a testimony to keeping local control of our schools and to oppose federal and state “top down” federal mandates (like Common Core). I will continue to fight for the right of every parent to choose the best education for their children. Wasteful, bureaucratic programs must be repealed and replaced with core academic standards that can be quantified in an objective manner.


Despite recent record-breaking K-12 education spending, our local districts see very little due to a series of unfunded mandates, regulations, complicated formulas, and restrictions. It’s unfair in its distribution, resulting in decades of political deals that benefit certain areas of the state at our expense. We must remodel education funding to provide equal, cost-efficient, and quality education for all our children.


TRANSPORTATION: It’s About Priorities!

roadsWe have done well in promoting local improvements on Highways 494, 94, and 610. However, before simply raising more taxes for other projects across our state we must first exhaust all other funding opportunities: 1). Expand the use of bonding (loans at current record-low rates) to freeze costs and start new construction without delay; 2). Focus first on unfinished projects like Hwy 610’s remaining south/east bound ramps to Hwy 94, free up metropolitan bottlenecks that slow the system, and; 3). Continue to scrutinize every aspect of state spending and direct the savings of duplicated and wasteful government spending to transportation improvements.


With your vote on November 8th, we can return to priorities that reinforce families, provide good jobs, and make Minnesota a better place to live.